About Us

The St. Louis Eagles sports club is a new club that was created to be about the player and the families around the player.  We have teams from multiple levels for your player to grow, improve their skills and increase their love of the game.  Teams currently compete at the AA and A level.

We believe the growing costs of big name clubs is absurd and looked to find a way to make it more affordable to allow more kids to be part of bigger leagues in a competitive environment.  We want to build a structure that allows players to play, regardless of income, with the use of fundraising.

The St. Louis Eagles focus on building strength of body and character through the use of strength, skill and conditioning training.  The ultimate goal of the St. Louis Eagles is for your player to get better through fun and intense drills, hard and fast practices and hard fought tournaments with lots of extra baseball involved.

In short, we want your child to grow, excel and achieve the highest level that they can achieve and be successful.